Dad and I found this beach by accident. In the Lonely Planet guide Dad got for free from the rental agency, there was a small footnote about a hole in the wall cliff with some old stones used to test peoples strength to become fisherman. This was accessed by a tiny unassuming road almost indistinguishable from it’s surroundings from the snow blown over it. After exploring the stones and the hole in the wall we decided to walk the extra 200m over to the beach. The wind was just whipping in and the waves were massive and thundering ashore. With only one other couple there it made the entire experience very surreal as you felt very much at the mercy of the weather around you.

In a side note, I still maintain the fisherman’s test stones were frozen to the ground. Also, if you are going to Iceland, the Lonely Planet is a must. Without it you will drive past roads you didn’t even know were there and miss some of the best features Iceland has to offer.  This was by far the highlight of the day.

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