Ice Spikes

Dad and I are running a pretty tight schedule on our last day in Iceland. I manage to convince him to detour to a lava tube mentioned in Lonely Planet. Eventually we arrive at the spot. You could very easily miss the tiny sign and drive right by it.

The tube is just a hole in the ground. Dad is pretty hisitant about going in, I’m already  down. It’s not easy going. The snow has build up inside coming in through spots where the roof has caved in. After about 50m Dad says it’s time to go. I’m still moving forward. Dad starts heading back. I climb over another cave-in and..

“Dad, you have to see this!”

The whole cave is sparkling. thousands of these ice spikes lit up by a ray of sun coming through the roof. Five minutes and numerous exposures later the sun is gone. The angle means it’s only shining through the hole for about 10 minutes a day.



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