Sunburst 2 “Bahamas”

In my last post, I complained explained how I’m working ridiculous hours which affects my ability to post regularly. The bonus of my job is the ablilty to capture photo’s that others wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to. I see a lot of sunsets. Seriously, a lot of sunsets. You could say I watch pretty much every one. I see a lot of sunburst effects. I love the effect they give and yet few translate into a decent photo.

This one I got lucky. We were cruising some guests through what has to be one of the best channels in the Bahamas. The run is made all the more surreal by the fact that we were doing it at around 55 kts (~100 km/h) through water so shallow and clear you think you are flying. I had my camera with the hopes of somehow capturing the essence of this run. I don’t think it’s possible to do so in one photo. This one however presented it’s self at the end of the run. Respect to Nikon for their vibration reduction. This photo could have never happened otherwise. At a relative wind speed of 65+kts in a boat, it’s like trying to photograph the world from a paint-shaker.

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