This is one I’ve had sitting here for a while. I was saving it for when I didn’t have time to get a photo finished. I guess this will work.

This was taken while we were anchored below Mt Etna in Sicily. Mt Etna is one of the worlds most active volcanoes. I was working the night shift that trip and as a result was able to watch Etna as tiny fingers of lava ran down it’s side in addition to the lava being spewed out of the vent. It wasn’t a particularly large eruption however being the first active eruption i’ve ever seen it was still pretty cool to watch.

The photo was taken as the sun was coming up and I was coming off shift and heading down for some breakfast and bed.

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    One of the defining things about my job is how much time is spent managing rust and corrosion. It’s amazing what salt water can do in a short period of time. Even more impressive as time goes on.

    I took this while waiting in the tender for the chef who was off getting some provisions. I’m always curious how old the rings and bollards are in these places and what ships used to tie up to them.

    I really like the three dimensional aspect this photo took on.

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      “We really shouldn’t be taking photos right now..”

      “Yeah, we really should get back to work.”


      A deck conversation steaming down the coast of Sardinia in the early morning.

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