Charter Photography

One of the benefits of working on board superyachts is the access I have, normally reserved only for guests onboard the yachts. One of my duties on charter typically includes being the personal photographer for the guests. This has lead me to expand my abilities beyond the hobby I originally intended it to be.  I have had the privilege of photographing people of all ages and nationalities as well as high profiles guests, foreign dignitaries and royalty. It also gives me the advantage of being able to accompany the guests on their various outings ashore.

One of the best perks of working onboard is all the food you get to taste, photograph, and of course, eat. Read more »

One of the best perks of working onboard is all the food you get to taste and, of course, eat. Having worked with Michelin class chefs such as Chef Michael Savva, Keith O’Dell and Vincent Fraissange, I have had the pleasure of tasting some of their best creations and had the challenge of photographing it. None of the photos presented here were staged specifically for the photograph. They were all taken on charter while the galley was working at full steam. This requires you to get creative in order to eliminate distracting elements while managing to stay out of the way and pitch in where required.

There is always a big emphasis on watersports during charter. Getting some good shots can be a tricky affair. Read more »

Water-sports are a big part of any boat. Shooting water-sports can be challenging , frustrating and sometimes downright dangerous. It also trains you to know your gear intuitively as you have to be quick to react to any opportunity and adjust your settings accordingly. Fast reflexes are key to prevent your gear from getting soaked and destroyed. The results, although simple in nature, can be impressive to the guests. As is a running theme with most of my portfolio shots, the photos I am most proud of can never be shown. Privacy comes first to anyone chartering a yacht.

Yacht Life

Working on yachts is not all fun and games as it is portrayed. It is actually a lot of work and can be both mentally and physically exhausting. With that in mind, we don’t have a bad life. There are a lot of perks and we often get the chance to explore some really cool places. The key to this is to have an adventurous crew and fortunately, most of the boats I’ve worked on have had this.